Invoice method

Invoice method

Every time your robots complete a transaction, i.e. a sale, we will calculate your earnings.

On the 1st day of each month, we will generate the invoices

To do that, we calculate the total of all your earnings of the previous month in US dollars (USD). If you don't use a currency index-linked to dollar, the equivalent in USD is worked out when the invoice is generated.

The sum owed to Whalinvest will be equal to 20% (excluding tax) of your total earnings. If you earned nothing you pay nothing.

The bills

You will find a list of all your bills on the Bills page.

An unpaid bill presents as below :

There are several ways to pay a bill on Whalinvest. You can pay by directly sending us the exact amount in cryptocurrencies, or you can buy Whalinvest credits which will automatically be used to pay your bills.

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