How to create trading bots

Creating trading robots

There are two ways to create trading robots. Whalinvest offers to automatically create them for you, but you can also create robots manually.


We’ll pick the most lucrative pairs according to the performances calculated by our simulator.

1️⃣ On the Whalinvest home page, click on the + Add a bag button.

The following configuration window will appear.

2️⃣ In the Auto tab

3️⃣ Select the cryptocurrency you wish to invest (here USDT). Please note that if you opt for automatic generation, you can only select USDT, BTC, ETH and BNB.

4️⃣ Enter the amount.

5️⃣ Select a level of risk : medium or low.

🆗 Generate the robots !

👍 A new bag containing the robots will be created !


Manual mode is intended for advanced users.

To create a robot manually, go to the page detailing a bag of robots. It is accessible by clicking on See more on the Whalinvest home page. To create a new robot click on the + button.

The robot configuration window will appear.

1️⃣ Select a pair. You can check out the Ranking page which lists the best performing settings according to our simulator. You can also head over to the Whalinvest Discord to discuss with the community !

2️⃣ Select an amount you want to allocate to this robot. Only the allocated amount will be invested.

3️⃣ Select a sampling interval. This corresponds to the regularity at which your robot will analyze the exchange price. A shorter interval will make your robot more sensitive to market fluctuations and take more risks.

4️⃣ Select a profit management method. Ex : with a robot working on the EGLD / USDT pair: Accumulate USDT : Trade profits are kept as USDT. Some of it can be reinvested. Accumulate EGLD : Trade profits are kept as EGLD. None of which will be reinvested.

5️⃣ (Optionnal) Different stop loss options are available : Standard : This option is risky and intended for people who are familiar with stop losses. It is triggered when a specified loss percentage is reached. Initial trade amount protection : a stop limit order is placed to protect your initial investment when your position exceeds a specified profit percentage.

6️⃣ Select a Whalinvest trading strategy. Click the button on the right to view the estimated performance of each strategy using your configuration.

🆗 Generate the robot !

👍 A new robot will be created in the bag currently open !

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