Getting started

So you want to join Whalinvest ?

1️⃣ How to register on Whalinvest ?

check out the following address :

2️⃣ How to create an account on a cryptocurrency exchange ?

A cryptocurrency exchange (exchange) is a marketplace for cryptocurrencies where users can buy and sell coins. Whalinvest supports two cryptocurrency exchanges.

a - Binance

Binance applies the lowest fees on the market. In addition, Binance offers a 25% reduction on these fees if you pay them using the BNB cryptocurrency.

Create your Binance account here :

b - Bitfinex

Create your Bitfinex account here :

💡 It is possible to launch robots on both platforms from Whalinvest.

c - KuCoin

KuCoin offers a 20% reduction on these fees if you pay them using the KCS cryptocurrency.

Create your KuCoin account here:

For Whalinvest to trigger purchases and sales on your crypto exchange, an API key and its secret key are required. You can set them on the My account page of ​​Whalinvest.

Follow the API key page steps

4️⃣ How to add cryptocurrencies to your account on the crypto exchange ?

You must have cryptocurrency funds to be able to launch robots on Whalinvest. We recommend that you buy USDT.

If you are using Binance, you must also have some BNB in ​​your wallet to launch bots.

If you are using KuCoin, you must also have some KCS in ​​your wallet to launch bots.

The USDT is a "stablecoin", which means that it is a cryptocurrency that is index-linked to a stable value, in this case the US dollar. More info on USDT here :

1 USDT = 1 dollar US

You can buy cryptocurrencies by credit card or wire transfer from Whalinvest at the following address :

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