Frequently Asked Questions

What is Whalinvest ?

Whalinvest offers you an investment/savings service on the cryptocurrency market. Joining us means we provide you with automated algorithmic trading robots in order to increase your invested capital. Our strategies are exclusively designed for a medium / long term investment.

What are the risks of investing in cryptocurrencies ?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is a risky investment similar to a stock market investment. We are constantly working on improving trading strategies in order to limit these risks and increase your profits.

For more information : https://academy.binance.com/en/articles/a-beginners-guide-to-understanding-risk-management

Who can use Whalinvest ?


If you are a novice, we automatically generate a bag of robots chosen according to the most lucrative cryptocurrencies on the current market for you.

For those more experienced in trading or in cryptocurrencies, more personalized options are available.

More details here

We recommend that you start with a minimum amount of $100 for the best Whalinvest experience.

What is the price of your service ?

Whalinvest is based on a win-win system. At the end of each month, 20% of your robots' trading profits will be billed to you. This implies that if you are not making any profit, you pay nothing at all ! More details here

How much will I earn by joining Whalinvest ?

Every month, we publish a report of the website's results, you can find them in the Stats section of Whalinvest Discord.

Do you own our money ?

We don't own your money, your money is kept on Binance and/or Bitfinex, these are the platforms responsible for your funds. Our job is to make your money work for you. We don't have any withdrawal authorization via the API key, so we cannot run away with your money.

Can I get alerts when my bots buy or sell ?

You can receive notifications from Whalinvest by linking your Discord account to the following address: https://app.whalinvest.com/settings.

Our little robot @Whali will contact you if there are any good news !

How do I withdraw my earnings ?

The earnings you make through Whalinvest appear on your Binance and/or Bitfinex account. You just have to go to the Withdrawalsection to bring your money back to a bank account.

How long does it take for the robots to make their first transactions?

This varies depending on the study interval of the robot (2h, 4h, 8h etc.) but generally the first transactions are made in less than a week.

How do the different strategies work?

That's our little secret! What we can tell you is that our strategies use technical indicators (Ichimoku, RSI, EMA, etc.) in order to detect changes in trend. They wait for signs of recovery to buy and wait for signs of retracement to sell.

We have three strategies with very different behaviors:

  • the Diabolo is an "aggressive" strategy which will tend to buy and sell quickly

  • the Mrsi is rather tempered

  • the Ichimoku is rather cautious

Should I make one big bag, or several small bags?

The "bags" are only for sorting your robots. On the other hand, it is more prudent to multiply the number of robots with small amounts on different pairs to reduce the risks as much as possible.

Do the auto-generated bags change pairs automatically?

No, the auto-generation is an aid to choose the robot configurations (pairs, strategies and intervals) that have performed best recently according to our simulator. Once created the robots do not change without your intervention.

How to invest with Whalinvest?

Do not invest the amount you want to allocate to Whalinvest in one go. We recommend that you launch robots regularly to smooth out your investment. Allowing several weeks or months to pass between each automatic generation of robots is a good way to do this.

I have some cryptocurrencies that I do not wish to invest on your website, what should I do ?

What you choose to invest on our website is up to you ! Your money, your investment. Our robots only work with the sums you allow them to use. The rest of your wallet will not be impacted.

I'm in love with @Whali, how can I show my love ?

We all love @Whali for the lovely messages it sends us regularly. If you want to thank it, do not hesitate, any donation is more than welcome : https://commerce.coinbase.com/checkout/401b5e50-deb2-47ca-a45e-3f8fd84a4670

Why do I need some BNB on ​​my Binance account ?

Having BNB in ​​your wallet allows you to reduce transaction fees on Binance by 25% (more information here : https://www.binance.com/en/fee/schedule).

Our robots never stop working so they will generate a certain number of transactions for you, thus it is important to keep Binance user fees as low as possible.

Why do I need some KCS on ​​my KuCoin account ?

Having KCS in ​​your wallet allows you to reduce transaction fees on KuCoin by 20% (more information here: https://support.kucoin.plus/hc/en-us/articles/360037007974-Use-KCS-to-Pay-Trading-Fees-and-Enjoy-20-Off-).

Our robots never stop working so they will generate a certain number of transactions for you, thus it is important to keep KuCoin user fees as low as possible.

How to pay an invoice lower than 1$?

You can't pay directly an invoice lower than 1$, to do that you must buy Whalinvest credits and use them to pay. More information here: https://docs.whalinvest.com/v/english/payment#whalinvest-credits

My robots don't do anything, how can I check that everything is properly configured?

Any doubts about the health of your robots? You can check that everything is working properly by following these steps: Open your account (https://app.whalinvest.com/settings). In the exchange tab, click on the edit button of your API key, do not change anything, and save. If no error message is displayed, it means that the link between Whalinvest and your exchange is correctly configured. Then, go to your robots, if no alert message is displayed on the cards and the amount of your robots is not written in orange, it means that everything is good!

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