Binance sub-account
How to use a Binance sub-account with the Whalinvest service

What is a Binance sub-account

The Binance sub-account feature is used to associate one or more accounts with your main account.
This allows for a finer management of the crypto wallet. Each sub-account has its own crypto wallet and is completely separate from the main account and the other sub-accounts.
The main advantage of this feature for Whalinvest users is the security: Binance sub-accounts completely isolate Whalinvest's allocated funds.

How to unlock the Binance sub-account functionality?

There are two ways to unlock the sub-account functionality:

Create a sub-account

Create an API key on your sub-account

Transfer tokens from the main account to a sub-account

All token transfers between main and sub-accounts are free

Migrate robots from the main account to a sub-account

Do not delete the old Binance exchange from your Whalinvest account
  • Pause your robots
  • Cancel all open orders from your robots on Binance
  • Wait a few hours (at least 2 or 3)
  • Create your sub-account and its API key on Binance by editing your old exchange from your Whalinvest account
  • Transfer your robots' tokens to your sub-account
  • Restart your bots
Last modified 4mo ago